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Telecom Bureau station UPS battery monitoring program

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Communication Bureau station UPS battery monitoring program

Lead-acid battery is the battery backup power UPS communications center room is the most commonly used . Frequency of lead-acid batteries currently running network capacity deterioration , lack of spare time phenomenon is higher, resulting in part of the actual battery life is much lower than the design life . Unstable power system battery performance is particularly UPS power system , a huge risk of stability .

By introducing the line battery monitoring and management system , in order to achieve real-time monitoring for batteries and effective maintenance purposes . The main role is to :

1 , to protect each single battery charge rationality voltage, current and temperature operating parameters .
2 , for each single battery by AC impedance ( non- DC resistance ) online test to accurately determine the deterioration of the battery pack in the battery .
3, for each single cell battery alarm condition is judged and recorded.
4 , relying on existing environmental monitoring or other power transmission network , to achieve remote monitoring of the battery parameters .
5, check the discharge test , the battery can be timed recording cell voltage and impedance changes , get each single battery discharge curve.
Using U400-S Series UPS battery monitoring and management system to protect the security of data center battery

U400-S Series battery monitoring and management system , its battery and battery packs connected in each single battery parameters in real-time monitoring. Including :
1 ) single battery voltage, battery current, and real-time monitoring of ambient temperature ; through optional , can support single battery temperature measurement function

U400-S battery monitoring system to accurately measure each cell voltage, the battery charge and discharge current , battery voltage , ambient temperature. By extending the temperature monitoring module SUM-TM, system support for monitoring the temperature of the cells and display . Each module supports 24-channel temperature battery temperature acquisition, and remote transmission of data through extensions and 485 . The system automatically detects battery cycle of each single battery voltage, battery current and ambient temperature ; loop detection period of not more than 10 seconds.
2 ) has a single battery impedance test capabilities to accurately reflect the state of the battery deterioration

U400-S battery monitoring system has been testing authority , single battery impedance system test results obtained with the battery deteriorated state should have a high correlation , can be had accurately reflect the deterioration of the battery .
Depending on the operating system is able to send commands remotely or locally , automatic battery group for each single battery impedance testing ;
Single battery impedance testing process, without any human intervention or to make any adjustments for power status , can rely on the system is fully automatically ;
Can float, are charged , discharged , different offline state, the battery impedance in the monomer ;
AC impedance test method , the system should be able to accurately test each single cell impedance , DC resistance instead . Single battery impedance testing process , no batteries or parts connecting the battery to discharge.
3 ) alarm and alarm status output

Using U400-TP management unit , U400-S system can be judged according to the different types of real-time alarm monitoring data , and through communication interface and switch output node for remote transmission of alarm status ;
U400-TP management unit with separate switch output and switch output through various different systems indicate an alarm condition , when the communication connection problem will still be able to judge the state of alarm , and output through the switching node. Depending on the status of the alarm system provides
For emergency alarm, warning and alarm connections such as alarm output switch three categories : emergency alarm ( for the battery circuit , short circuit or high temperature conditions , such as alarm ) ; warning ( for single cell impedance anomaly system alarm ) ; connect alarm ( when a problem occurs master communication connection between the system and the battery system and so on, through the switch alarm ) .
4 ) Communication Interface

485 communication interface U400-S system has a standard , using the interface with the U400-TP snap- fit connection between the U400 network system . Meanwhile , U400-TP system can support multiple network interfaces extend way RS232, RS485, RS422, TCP / IP, fiber and so on. Standard system should have a standard 485 or RS422 transmission interface, and supports the standard MODBUS communication protocol . Can be achieved by extending a variety of other interfaces. Support for remote data monitoring and system status queries. Use U400-TP communication interface , can be achieved with a simple dynamic environment monitoring network interoperability.
5 ) local data display and operation

Except for system data transmission over the network and remote monitoring , the system supports native data show the battery compartment and status queries. By industrial touch screen , you can achieve real-time local data, real-time alarm status display , historical data query, alarm history data inquiry.
U400-TP standard 3.5 " industrial touch screen , to achieve local inquiries battery real-time data and historical data under normal circumstances, is a green background ; .. alarm condition , red background touch screen size and appearance options, can be upgraded to 5.7" to 17 " monochrome or color industrial touch screen . upgraded touch screen with battery real-time curve , historical curve display.
6 ) Battery connection state detection circuit breakers and contactors :

U400-TP supports up to eight nodes in a switch input . In addition to monitoring the battery -related status, simply breaker and contactor auxiliary contacts access U400-TP can simultaneously control module and battery related to the state contactors and circuit breakers to be monitored.

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