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Telecom base station battery monitoring

: 2017-08-29 16:41:22 | : 1209

Communication base station battery monitoring

Scientific , effective maintenance VRLA battery can play the greatest performance and extend the life of use . Environment and maintain the stable operation of the battery and its means which are closely linked. For this project through the internal resistance of the battery float real-time online monitoring of performance parameters , greatly improving the scientific and effective communication with the battery system maintenance , reducing the possibility of a battery malfunction.

Conrad SUM series of communications power battery management system can monitor real-time monitoring of each single cell battery deterioration state and interfaces into dynamic environment centralized monitoring system through the network, the base station for remote monitoring of single battery data . Connect with each single battery module , real-time monitoring of single battery voltage, battery current, ambient temperature and single battery internal resistance. Single battery AC resistance testing process entirely on the command automatically. No discharge testing process , without changing the system operation status .

The main role of the battery monitoring and management system is reflected in:

1、Accurate single battery voltage monitoring to ensure that the battery voltage should be within a reasonable range. Avoid over-charge, appears less filling and monomer over discharge phenomena.

2、real-time monitoring of the battery charge and discharge current , to detect abnormal changes in the battery current. Avoid thermal runaway phenomenon.
3、 real-time temperature monitoring can ensure that the battery is in good operating environment.
4、real-time automatic monitoring and network centralized monitoring replace tedious manual testing.
5、Effective resistance monitoring , the first time to capture the deterioration of the battery and found fault batteries. Guarantee stable operation of the base station.

We have served many large enterprises (such as China Mobile, Korea KT Telecom, Alibaba Group, Tencent, Baidu), and have a large number of implementation plans and cases of "all kinds of battery monitoring and management". If you need to know, please contact us or send the following request.


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