GrandPower DZK04 12V Telecom battery monitoring system

DKZ04-12V Telecom battery monitoring system Summary  

DKZ04-12V battery monitoring unit

DKZ04 battery monitoring unit

GrandPower DKZ04-12V Telecom battery monitoring system designed for Telecom power supply system . At present, China and the world has a number of operators at the stable operation to ensure the stable operation of the communication power supply system.


1, A single module can monitor 12V*8 cells. Applicable to 12V cell composed of communication power application site

2, 7 * 24 hours monitoring string voltage,string current, monomer temperature, cell voltage, cell resistance.

3, battery failure comprehensive analysis

4, active alarm

5, two-wire digital temperature bus, plug and play, easy installation

DKZ04-12V Telecom battery monitoring system Product features and specifications

DKZ04-12V battery monitoring unit

DKZ04-12V battery monitoring unit

DKZ04-12V battery monitoring unit through the sampling line and the individual battery connection, a single module can be achieved for the cell voltage, cell internal resistance, cell temperature, string voltage,string current real-time monitoring. According to the test battery configuration different data acquisition module can be divided into 12V*4 cells and 12V*8 cellss modules. The module supports wall mounting.

Up to 8 cells can be connected to each module. The data acquisition module is connected to each cell to monitor the celll voltage, cell temperature, cell voltage, cell current and the ambient temperature. According to the remote monitoring equipment or local operation module to provide the instructions to achieve the cell resistance on-line detection. System has MODBUS protocol RS485 interface, easy to incorporate into the dynamic environmental monitoring system.

DKZ04-12V module with internal resistance monitoring function, the module built-in resistance test required AC internal resistance test signal transmission interface, the internal resistance monitoring module is generated by the AC signal into the battery pack. The data acquisition module is used to capture the feedback signals of the individual cells for the signal. Complete the monitoring of the internal resistance of the single battery. Each internal resistance module only with the battery pack for a simple connection can be achieved single cell battery internal resistance of the accurate monitoring.

 DKZ04 battery monitoring system basic functions


● 7*24 Hours Monitoring & Alarms

● Cell Voltage Monitoring & Alarms

● Cell Impedance or Conductance Monitoring & Alarms

● Cell Temperature Monitoring & Alarms 

● Independent  Alarm Threshold for each cell

● String Current Monitoring & Alarms 

● String Voltage Monitoring & Alarms  (Real Measure)

● Single-Line Digital Temperature Bus (Max. 48 inputs each module)

● RS-485/RS232 port for remote monitoring

● Relay output for Alarm

● Max. 2 paralleled banks monitoring in 1 module

● Input switch for manually Impedance or Conductance test

● Special designed for telecom applications

● 10 seconds scan rate for 48 cells voltage and temperature

● 2-line BUS for 24 Temperature Inputs, easy to install

  DKZ04 battery monitoring system basic technical specifications

DKZ04 battery monitoring system basic technical specifications

  DKZ04 battery monitoring system port configurations


DKZ04 battery monitoring system port configurations


  DKZ04 battery monitoring system Dimensions



Monitoring system accessories

Monitoring system accessories

DKZ04 - LED functions

DKZ04 - LED functions


The battery monitoring system is used in the communication base station instance  

The battery monitoring system is used in the communication base station instance

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