E200-S UPS/EPS battery monitoring system

E200-S Module Summary

E200-S Module battery Monitoring System & E200-TP Touch Panel

E200-S Module battery Monitoring System & E200-TP Touch Panel

GrandPower E200 battery monitoring system design for UPS and power supply , the E200 battery monitoring system can withstand voltage up to DC800V, accurate data, stable operation.

1, A single module can monitor 12V*40 cells or 2V*48. Applicable to all kinds of UPS application site. 

2, 7 * 24 hours monitoring string voltage, string current, ambient temperature, cell voltage, cell resistance. 

3, battery failure comprehensive analysis 

4, active alarm

U400 Series  battery Monitoring System Features

↑E200 Series battery Monitoring System Features

↑E200-S Module battery Monitoring System Overview

↑E200-S Module battery Monitoring System Overview

E200-S Module Features  

  Designed for UPS / EPS battery monitoring and management system

GrandPower E200 series battery monitoring system according to UPS / EPS battery system discharge current, short standby time using the characteristics of the design. Strict design ensures the acfcuracy and stability of the test data under strong interference. Effectively guarantee the safe operation of UPS / EPS battery system.

  Real - time monitoring of battery operating parameters

GrandPower E200 series battery monitoring system for the battery single voltage, single resistance, current, ambient temperature operating parameters of real-time online monitoring and management. To avoid the use of handheld devices caused by human factors interference, all tests all automatically. To ensure that the battery is in the safest operating environment.

  True sense of the online battery internal resistance measurement

The internal resistance test of the GrandPower E200 series battery monitoring system is fully automatic. There is no need to change the operating status of the battery pack. At the same time, the internal resistance test process, no discharge, is really safe internal resistance measurement.

  Modular structure design, suitable for a variety of battery systems

GrandPower E200 series battery monitoring system using modular structure design. Each module can monitor up to 48 cell at the same time. Through a combination of different modules, suitable for a variety of battery systems.

Installation  method   

1、Stand-alone cabinet installation

Stand-alone cabinet installation

The 1.8m-2.2m cabinet is configured separately for the battery monitoring system, and the monitoring system is placed in the cabinet. This method is suitable for the centralized installation of multiple modules and batteries. The cabinet installed separately can keep the whole consistency of the distribution room and facilitate centralized management of the battery monitoring management system. However, this method may cause the sampling line of some batteries to be connected longer, and the construction difficulty is relatively larger than other methods.

3、Wall mounted

Wall mounted

For the use of space is limited, requiring battery monitoring system accounted for smaller, do not have the cabinet or rack for the battery monitoring system to provide installation space for the use of the site, wall-mounted installation is the most space-saving installation. When using this installation method, please specify the wall mount installation of the battery monitoring system when ordering.

2、Battery rack / battery cabinet integrated installation

Battery rack / battery cabinet integrated installation

When the battery rack / battery cabinet is designed, the installation position is reserved for the battery monitoring management system. Configure small cabinet or related installation equipment for E200 battery monitoring management system. This method can ensure the battery monitoring system and battery group organically combined, the battery monitoring system and each battery group between the sampling line can be the shortest. However, when using this installation method, we should make a comprehensive planning for the system in the system design, especially for the storage and installation of the battery monitoring system to do the corresponding planning.



The unit of E200 battery Monitoring System  

1、E200-S UPS battery monitoring management module

U400-S UPS battery monitoring management module

E200-S battery data acquisition module connected with each battery, real-time online collection of single battery voltage, group current, ambient temperature and other operating parameters. E200-S module can be used alone to achieve single-cell battery voltage, group current, ambient temperature and other operating parameters of real-time monitoring to achieve the single battery resistance measurement and real-time monitoring.

E200 Specifications

2、E200-S battery monitoring system data display and operation unit


E200-TP touch screen module can be data display, system settings, operation and control for E200 system. 5.7 "touch screen display data at a glance, the operation is quick and easy. Sound and light alarm, the first time to indicate the battery system alarm information. Its control and operation functions, to facilitate the E200 system system information set and calibration.

【Data query】on the battery voltage, current, ambient temperature, single cell voltage and internal resistance and other data display. 

【Internal resistance test】 through the manual way to start the battery resistance test. Keep abreast of the internal resistance of each battery. 

【Alarm Query】 Displays the real-time alarm status and related alarm information.

【System Settings】 The system parameters are calibrated and set.

3、E200-TP main control unit


The main control unit is connected with the E200-S2 module through the RS485 interface to collect the monitoring data of each module in real time and carry out data processing and alarm judgment. The main control unit controls the touch screen operation simultaneously and controls and responds to various field operations of the touch screen.

Through the main control unit built-in RS485 interface, can be achieved based on modbus and other means of the host computer centralized monitoring communications.


E200-S battery Monitoring system configurations & Application drawings

Monitoring Example 1:


(1)、E200 system configuration 1)、 4 strings, each 48pcs 12V batteries

E200-S battery Monitoring system Monitoring Example

Monitoring Example 2:


2)、1 String 240pcs 2V cells

E200-S battery Monitoring system


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