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GrandPower - the professional battery monitoring system manufacturer

More than 10 years of technology and experience accumulated, Grandpower provides perfect battery storage scheme and battery safety operation monitoring scheme for power supply system

Founded in 2006, GrandPower has developed into a  professional battery monitoring system manufacturer, specialized in R&D, marketing & Global sales, manufacturing. GrandPower keeps offering safety, economical and value based Energy Management and Battery Monitoring solutions anytime, anywhere.      

GrandPower has committed to R&D and technology innovation.  With well experienced & professional R&D engineers and senior engineers, GrandPower constantly develop & market the high technology stable products with our own complete intellectual property rights.

Relying on years of accumulated experience in the battery system monitoring system, from the design, system configuration to the running state of real-time monitoring, Grandpower provided suitable battery storage solutions and battery system monitoring solutions for the power system. Rigorous solutions  design, real-time automatic monitoring, accurate fault diagnosis, a variety of network transmission solutions , the battery system to achieve real intelligence and security. Real-time single-cell battery resistance (impedance) test technology and based on the battery internal resistance (impedance) of the comprehensive analysis technology to achieve the real meaning of the battery on-line detection and fault warning.

Battery safety monitoring system product line and application areas

Battery safety monitoring system product line and application areas

For more than a decade, GrandPower has developed several series of battery safety monitoring systems for different areas and functions.

Including U400 series-UPS battery monitoring system, SUM series - communication power battery monitoring system, E200 series - power supply and EPS battery monitoring system, I-BAT series - distributed battery monitoring system and supporting application software and related hardware. In the communications base stations, data centers and other places have been widely used, has hundreds of thousands of battery systems to provide monitoring and protection services.

Battery monitoring technical training

As a "energy storage and battery system security expert", GrandPower has advanced testing technology, rich power system installation and maintenance experience. And is committed to promoting the safety of battery system knowledge. GrandPower regularly holds battery system safety and maintenance technical training. Employ well-known experts and professionals to teach, to promote power system security maintenance standards.

battery system security Technical Training


Battery monitoring testing service

Relying on years of accumulated power and battery system security maintenance experience, with a variety of advanced testing tools, GrandPower to provide power and battery system security testing services. For the communications, financial securities, petrochemicals, railway agencies, national defense, government departments, university campuses, scientific research units and a number of enterprises to provide professional power and battery system security maintenance technical services to fill the gaps in the professional test market of China.

Partners and customers

GrandPower has established a distribution system covering all of China in the sales and promotion of many years of battery system safety products and has established long-term and good cooperative relationship with many system integrators. GrandPower company to high-quality services, improve the solution to win the majority of users trust and support.

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GrandPower Partners and customers

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